If you own a real estate investment but your only real estate experience is based on your part time investments you are not maximizing your returns and the potential risks might be greater than you think.


Do you have a full time job ?

Than you probably don't have time to properly manage your property

We cater our services to you:

  • We budget on your behalf

  • Deal with calls  

  • Advise on Lease structure and language 

  • Handle collections and the eviction process


Bedford features sidebars that appears in several situations:

  • Folder Navigation, on the left of any Page inside a Folder
  • Category Navigation, on on the left any Product List with categories
  • Blog Sbar, on the right side of Blog pages

You can choose to show the title of the Folder or Product collection. If you don’t want to show the sidebars, you can choose to hide them entirely with a Style Editor option.